Autocomplete Extender in Asp.Net Ajax example
     This Article explains Autocomplete Extender in Asp.Net Ajax.

AutoComplete is AN ASP.NET Ajax extender that may be hooked up to any TextBox management, and can associate that management with a popup panel to show words that begin with the prefix typewritten into the textbox. The dropdown with candidate words provided by an online service is positioned on all-time low left of the text box. In the sample on top of, the textbox is related to AN AutoCompleteExtender that pulls words that begin with the contents of the textbox employing a net service. When you have typewritten additional content than the required minimum word length, a popup can show words or phrases beginning therewith price. Caching is turned on, therefore writing constant prefix multiple times leads to only 1 decision to the net service.

Autocomplete Extender

.css Page
.aspx Page

.asmx Page (Web Servies)

App_Code/AutoComplete.cs Page
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