Balloonpopup Extender in ASP.NET Ajax example
    This BallonPopupExtender is one of the web control that allows to provide message what to do exactly enter in registration forms.

The BalloonPopupExtender management displays a popup which may contain any content. as an example, you'll be able to use the BalloonPopupExtender to show facilitate info after you move focus to a TextBox management. The BalloonPopupExtender supports 3 completely different styles: Balloon, Rectangle, and Custom. you'll be able to choose among 3 completely different sizes for the popup: little, Medium, and Large. If you set the BalloonPopup vogue to the worth Custom then you'll be able to outline a custom look for the BalloonPopup. in this case, you furthermore mght got to set the CustomCssUrl property to purpose to a custom sheet of paper. This management are often set to five positions - TopLeft, TopRight, BottomLeft, BottomRight and automotive vehicle. If you decide on the worth automotive vehicle then the position of the BalloonPopup is set mechanically supported accessible area. You can set the BalloonPopExtender to be triggered by the MouseOver, Focus or Click events. The management is hidden mechanically after you click outside the Balloon Popup.

ballonpoup Extender

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