Calender Extender in ASP.NET Ajax example

Calendar is AN ASP.NET Ajax extender which will be hooked up to any ASP.NET TextBox management. It provides client-side date-picking practicality with customizable date format and UI during a popup management. you'll act with the calendar by clicking on daily to line the date, or the "Today" link to line this date. In addition, the left and right arrows are often wont to move forward or back a month. By clicking on the title of the calendar you'll modification the read from Days within the current month, to Months within the current year. Another click can switch to Years within the current Decade. This action permits you to simply jump to dates within the past or the longer term from inside the calendar management. The page uses the culture setting English (United States) that was such that by the browser. The page properties have Culture="auto" and UICulture="auto" set to alter a similar. See this MSDN article for additional info. The ScriptManager on this Calendar demo page has EnableScriptGlobalization="true" and EnableScriptLocalization="true".

Click inside the textbox

.aspx Page
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