Collapsable Panel in ASP.NET Ajax example

The CollapsiblePanel may be a terribly versatile extender that permits you to simply add tip-up sections to your online page. This extender targets any ASP.NET Panel management. The page developer specifies that control(s) on the page ought to be the open/close controller for the panel, or the panel will be set to mechanically expand and/or collapse once the mouse indicator moves in or out of it, severally. The panel is additionally post-back aware. On a client postback, it mechanically remembers and restores its client state. This demonstrates the power of those extenders to own some communication between the client and also the server code. Click here to cause a postback. The page developer will specify whether or not the panel ought to scroll once it doesn't expand to the total size of its contents, and may additionally specify whether or not the panel expands within the height or dimension dimensions. Note: CollapsiblePanel assumes that the quality CSS box model is being employed. Early versions of web person did not support that model fully, therefore please use the !DOCTYPE declaration (as found at the highest of this page and enabled by default for brand spanking new ASP.NET pages) to specify that the page ought to be rendered in IE's standards-compliant mode.

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