Hover Menu Extender in ASP.NET Ajax example

HoverMenu is AN ASP.NET Ajax being extender which will be connected to any ASP.NET WebControl, and can associate that control with a popup panel do show further content. once the user moves the mouse pointer over the most control 2 things happen:

>> The popup panel is displayed at an edge fixed by the page developer (at the left, right, top, or bottom of the most control)

>> Optionally, a CSS style is applied to the control to specify it as "hot" In the sample on top of, an ASP.NET GridView is inhabited with knowledge from a information. In every row of the GridView, a HoverMenu associates the content of the row with a Panel containing links that treat that row.

 Mouse over the GridView on top of to examine this behavior. Upon selecting "Edit", the row can move into edit mode, {and you'll|and you can|and you may} notice the menu will seem to the correct of the content, demonstrating the flexibility to decide on the popup position.

Output for below Code :  Just Mouse Hover On Text....

.aspx Page
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