Mutually Exclusive CheckBox in ASP.NET Ajax example

MutuallyExclusiveCheckBox is an ASP.NET AJAX extender that can be attached to any ASP.NET CheckBox control. By adding a number of checkboxes to the same "Key", only one checkbox with the specified key can be checked at a time. This extender is useful when a number of choices are available but only one can be chosen, similar to a radio button. The use of checkboxes however allows you to choose to uncheck a value which is not possible normally with radio buttons. This also provides a more consistent and expected interface than using javascript to allow the de-selection of a RadioButton item.

Output for below Code :

Normal CheckBoxes

MutuallyExclusiveCheckBoxExtender In GridView


A function cannot be defined inside another function
Functions cannot return more than one value at a time
Functions can be called either by value or reference
If return type for a function is not specified, it defaults to int
Names of functions in two different files linked together must be unique

.aspx Page

.cs Page
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